When machines or parts cannot be transported / shipped in a standard container or truck, due to their odd size, it is wise to make special packaging. This reduces the chance that fragile and blanc parts get damaged and ensures a corrosion-free shipment. This packaging will of course come with extra expenses, but this is still cheaper than a damaged machine due to wind, water and salt in places where the machine cannot use it.

For costumers of our used machines with an odd size, we will advise and  supply quotations for special packaging. Would you like to know more about this option? Please contact us for the solutions, here some pictures to get an idea:

Vacuum furnace Lemmer -> Northern Spain

- Furnace with dimensions LxWxH: 700 x 350 x 410 cm
- Road + Sea transport
- Seaworthy packaging on flat rack

VTL Turningtable Lemmer -> India

- Table with dimensions LxWxH: 400 x 300 x 120 cm
- Sea transport
- Seaworthy packaging on flat rack